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Settlement Resources

Connecting with Your Cultural Community

    How do I meet people in my community who speak the same language as me or are from the same cultural group? Many bigger cities in Ontario have organizations for different cultural groups.

    Getting an Ontario ID

      You can get an Ontario ID if you are resident of Ontario, you are at least 16 years old and you do not have a Driver’s License. You can use it as official government ID for things like opening up a bank account or getting on an airplane.

      Doing Your Taxes: Filing Income Tax Returns

        You can work in Canada if you are 15 years old and you have a valid work permit. You need a work permit to work if you are not a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen.

        Working in Ontario: Know Your Rights

          You have rights as a young worker in Ontario! The Employment Standards Act gives you rights as a worker and as a young worker. Your employer has to respect these rights!

          Getting Help with Mental Health

            Has life in Canada been hard for you and your family? Are you having difficulty sleeping or concentrating? Do you live with feelings of sadness or depression?