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Getting an Ontario ID

Who can get an Ontario photo ID card?
You can get an Ontario ID if:
• You are resident of Ontario
• You are at least 16 years old
• You do not have a Driver’s License

What can I do with an Ontario ID?
You can use it as official government ID for things like opening up a bank account or getting on an airplane.

How do I apply for an Ontario ID?
• You need to apply in-person at a Service Ontario office. Go to this website to find an office near you.
• You need to bring documents that show your legal name, your date of birth and your signature. Here is a list of accepted document.
• You need to pay a $35.

Can I have an Ontario ID and a Driver’s License at the same time?
No. The Ontario ID is meant to be identification for someone who does not have a Driver’s License. This is the rule of the Ontario Government. If you already have a Driver’s License and get an Ontario ID, your Driver’s License will be cancelled. If you get a Driver’s License later, you will have to give back your Ontario ID.

Read more about getting an Ontario ID on this website