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Traveling Around on Public Transit

How do I get around the city where I live?

Most cities in Ontario have a “public transit” system. For example, the public transit system in Toronto is called the TTC.

Most cities have public buses and some cities also have trains or street cars.

You need to pay to use public transit. Most cities have special prices for youth or high school students.

Some cities have special prices for college or university students. Check with your school if you want to find out about special student prices.

If you are receiving Ontario Works, check with your case worker to see if you can get a discounted transit pass.

There are different ways to pay to use the transit.

Most cities let you use cash, but you have to have the perfect amount of money.

Some cities also use special transit cards, such as the PRESTO card, where you can preload money to your card.

Some cities, like Toronto, let you use the tap function on your debit or credit card.

Other cities might let you buy tokens or tickets that you can use.

If you want to get a PRESTO card, there are different places you can buy them. See the options on this website.

How do I get around Ontario if I want to travel to a different city than where I live?

There are different private companies that run trains or buses around Ontario. These around some of the companies you can look at to see if they take you where you want to go:

When you are buying your tickets, check to see if the company has a cheaper price for youth or students. For example, GO Transit is 40% off for elementary and high school students and for all youth age 13-19.