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Resources For Refugee Children

Settlement Resources

Finding Emergency Shelter

If you are new to Canada and you have nowhere to stay, or if you have lost your housing here, you might need to stay in a shelter for some time. Shelters are places that give people without a home somewhere to stay.

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Getting an Ontario ID

You can get an Ontario ID if you are resident of Ontario, you are at least 16 years old and you do not have a Driver’s License. You can use it as official government ID for things like opening up a bank account or getting on an airplane.

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Know Your Rights: Employment

You have rights as a young worker in Ontario! The Employment Standards Act gives you rights as a worker and as a young worker. Your employer has to respect these rights!

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Money Matters: Opening a Bank Account

Can I open a bank account if I am under 18 years old? Yes you can! Some banks have rules that say you need your parent’s permission to open a bank account if you are a younger child. But if you are over 13, most banks let you open a bank account.

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