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Your Refugee Hearing: Know Your Rights

Your refugee hearing is a very important meeting where you will be able to tell the Immigration and Refugee Board why you need Canada to protect you.

Important information to know about your hearing:

Most hearings are virtual (on the computer)

The person who decides your case is called a “Board Member”, not a judge. They are a member of the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB).

The IRB is an independent organization that makes decisions about refugee claims and some other immigration applications.

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS at your hearing.

You have the right to:

have a lawyer represent you.

have a Designated Representative if you are under 18.

ask for your hearing to be in-person if you want it to be.

ask to use a room and a computer at the IRB if you do not have a computer.

have an interpreter in your language.

ask for a new interpreter if you do not understand the interpreter.

be treated with respect by the Board Member.

ask the board member to explain to you what is happening if you don’t understand something.

ask for as many breaks as you need.

invite a friend, family member, caseworker or other support person to come to your hearing if you want.

Read more about what will happen at a refugee hearing on this website.