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Know Your Rights: Access to Education

What are my rights in accessing education in Canada?
• You have a right to go to school in Ontario. You do not have to be a permanent resident or a citizen of Canada to go to school.
• You do not need to have papers that prove your immigration status.
• You do not need a parent or guardian in Canada to sign for you to go to school.
• You have a right to start school even if you arrive in Canada after the school year starts.

If you need help registering for school, contact the Centre for Refugee Children.

Can I go to school I have no status in Canada?
Yes! The law in Ontario is that you can go to school. Sometimes the people who work for the school or the school board do not understand this and they tell you that you cannot go to school. They are wrong. If you are told this, contact the Centre for Refugee Children for help.

Can I go to school if I am making a refugee claim?
• You can go to school if you have already made your refugee claim. This means that you either have the Refugee ID (brown paper) or the Acknowledgement of claim form.
• If you entered Canada on a tourist visa, you have to wait until you have sent in your refugee application on the online portal before you can go to school without paying fees. As soon as you send in your application and you get a paper called the Acknowledgement of Claim form, you can sign up for school.