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Getting Ready for your Refugee Hearing

What is a refugee hearing?

If you have made a refugee claim in Canada, it is likely that you will have a refugee “hearing.”

A hearing is a formal meeting where an official of the Immigration and Refugee Board will listen to your story and look at your documents.

This government official is called a “Board Member.” The board member will decide if Canada will let you stay here as a refugee.

How do I get ready for my hearing?

Your lawyer should help you prepare for your hearing. If you have a Designated Representative, they should also help you.

They should:

explain to you what will happen at your hearing.

tell you what documents and evidence you should try to get to prove your story.

translate any documents you have into English or French and they should send them to the Immigration and Refugee Board before the hearing.

help you practice to tell your story.

tell you the kinds of questions you might be asked at your hearing, so you are prepared to answer them.

Contact the Centre for Refugee Children for help if you have any questions about how to get ready for your hearing

Read more about how to prepare for a hearing on this website.