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Completing Your Basis of Claim Form

If you are a refugee claimant, you will need to fill out a Basis of Claim form.

What is the Basis of Claim?

The Basis of Claim (BOC) is a very important form. This is where you give more information about yourself and the reasons that you are asking Canada to protect you.

Screenshot of top of Basis of Claim form:

The information in your BOC will be used at your hearing. It will help Canada decide if you can stay here as a refugee. It is very important that you tell the truth in this form.

Who can help me fill out my BOC?

You should have help from your lawyer in filling out your BOC.

If you are under 18, you should also have help from your Designated Representative if one has been assigned to you. If you do not yet have a Designated Representative, you can ask your lawyer to help you find one or you can contact the Centre for Refugee Children.

How do I get the Basis of Claim form?

If you made your refugee claim at the border or airport, the immigration officer will give you the BOC form. They will tell you that you have a certain number of days to finish it. Make sure you are not late in filling in the BOC.

If you make your refugee claim online, you will have to send in your BOC in the online portal. You can download the BOC from the Government of Canada website. Ask your lawyer to help you with this.

When do I have to send in the BOC?

If you made your refugee claim at the border or airport, you most likely have 45 days to send in your BOC form.

If you are already in the country and are making a refugee claim online, you have to send in your BOC when you submit the claim online.

Make sure you read over the final version of your BOC very carefully and with the help of an interpreter before it is sent in. Any mistakes or important information that is missing might create problems for you at your refugee hearing.

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