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To offer holistic support to refugee and migrant children navigating immigration, legal and social services systems in Ontario. 

We work to ensure that children and youth are empowered in their own lives and that the immigration processes and other systems they are navigating are responsive to their individual needs and circumstances.


An immigration system in Canada and a settlement landscape in Ontario where children’s rights are upheld, children’s voices are amplified and valued, and the needs of all children are met through access to the opportunities and supports they require.


Children’s Rights

Access to Justice

Holistic Support

The Child’s Voice

Child Centered


We offer holistic case management, direct services and quality referrals to refugee and migrant children based on their particular needs. These needs may include:

Immigration System Navigation

Legal Information and Referrals

Access to Education

Health Care System Navigation

Child Welfare System Navigation

Income Security Program Referrals

Shelter and Housing

Basic Needs Support

The Centre for Refugee Children provides services to refugee and migrant children of any sexual orientation, gender identity and expression. We strive to make appropriate referrals to settlement agencies in the community that serve the unique needs of LGBTQ+ refugee and migrant children and youth.


Steve Meagher, Director
[email protected]
416-469-5067 x 1

Heaven Tessfay, Child & Youth Settlement Worker
[email protected]
416-469-5067 x 2

Maria Ramírez Bolaños, Child & Youth Settlement Worker
[email protected]
416-469-5067 x 2

Jenn McIntyre, Policy & Advocacy Coordinator
[email protected]
416-469-5067 x 3

Feven Iket, Child & Youth Housing Worker
[email protected]
416-469-5067 x 4

Paula Origua, A Roadmap to Justice Project Coordinator
[email protected]
416-469-9754 x 258

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